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I looked like a bad girl. But I wasn't a bad girl, really. I was a very nice little girl, until I found out what life was." 3 Bergman wrote the title role in.

Harriet Andersson (born 14 February 1932) is a Swedish actress, best known outside Sweden for being part of director. Ingmar Bergman 's stock company. She often plays impulsive, working class characters.

Her autobiography, a set of interviews with Jan Lumholdt, was published in 2006. 4 Andersson has won several acting awards, including the Swedish Guldbagge Award, 5 the Norwegian Amanda and best actress awards on the Venice Film Festival (1964) and the 9th Moscow International Film.

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Private life edit Harriet Andersson was married to childhood friend Bertil Wejfeldt 19591963/4. She has a daughter, Petra Wejfeldt (b. 1960 whom Andersson named after her character in Smiles of a Summer Night.

6 In 1968, Andersson received the Bodil Award for Best Actress for her role in the Henning Carlsen Danish comedy People Meet and Sweet Music Fills the Heart. Recently, Andersson won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2010.

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Like several other Bergman regulars, she has also had a career in English-language films including performances in Sidney Lumet 's The Deadly Affair (1966) and later in Lars von Trier 's Dogville (2003).

Summer with Monika (1953 specifically for Andersson. Filmed in Sweden, the motion picture features a musical score by Les Baxter. Although the romantic relationship with Bergman was brief, they continued to work together.

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