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16 The measure of damages in fraud cases is normally computed using one of two rules: 17 The "benefit of bargain" rule, which allows for recovery of damages in the amount of the difference between the value of the property had it been as represented.

In 144 games, he batted.268 with 36 home runs and 119 RBIs. Sosa continued his success with the Cubs in 1996 as he batted.273 with 40 home runs and 100 RBIs. However, the next year, Sosa struggled. Despite hitting 36 home runs with 119 RBIs.

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However, Darla, fearing that the animals are jeopardizing her spotlight, has Max help her flood the stage, while L.B. Mammoth, the head of Mammoth Pictures., and Flanagan, the film's director, are giving an interview, getting the animals blamed and fired for the collateral damage. The.

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Amy Jackson is a British actress who began her acting career in India. Amy became a household name after movies such as 'I 'Singh is Bling' and 'Theri'.

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Dee Bradley Baker as Kong, a gorilla whose only appearance is while Danny and Sawyer are going to the set of Little Ark Angel at Mammoth Studios. Baker also does some additional voices such as the Mammoth Pictures guide tour. Tony Pope as Alligator Peter.

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