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Rockefeller was born on July 8, 1908, in Bar Harbor, Maine. He was the second son of financier and philanthropist John Davison Rockefeller Jr. and philanthropist and socialite Abigail Greene Abby Aldrich. He had two older siblingsAbby and John IIIas well as three younger brothers: Laurance, Winthrop, and eir father, John Jr., was the only son of Standard Oil co-founder John.

Megan Parlen (born ; age 38) is the actress who portrayed the young Ro Laren in the Star Trek: The Next Generation sixth season episode Rascals in 1992. Born as Megan Sloan Parlen in Los Angeles, California, she started her acting career at the age of three when she appeared in a television commercial for milk. She is probably best known for her role as Mary-Beth Pepperton in the.

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Welcome to McKillip Animal Hospital in Chicago Offering the highest quality care to you and your pet since 1920. McKillip Animal Hospital in the Lakeview area of Chicago is a full-service veterinary hospital.

As a Top 100 accounting firm with nearly 200 people, Clark Nuber offers a broad range of specialized expertise targeted to people like you.

This pattern includes instructions for two doilies featuring three-dimensional crochet swans. One doily has six swans, the other version has four.

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Megan Gallagher (born 6 February 1960; age 58) from Reading, Pennsylvania is an American actress who guest-starred in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager. She is married to Jeff Yagher, who played Iden in the Voyager episode Flesh and Blood. The couple have two children together.

The Government has announced the location of the Australian Space Agency. This new base provides an exciting location for the Agency to transform and grow the Australian space industry.

Rio Tinto is a world leader in finding, mining and processing the earth's mineral resources.

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