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1. She trained at the same place as George Clooney. While Parrilla shares the screen with some high profile actors, her link to the most famous Hollywood star is actually through an acting school.

The ability to convincingly play a character with two distinct identities is quite impressive. While Parrilla has become widely known and celebrated for this role, her early career and personal life are very interesting as well.

Her answer was a feather that drifted by. Throughout the following years, Parrilla noticed that feathers would appear in times of struggle. They became her symbol of strength and reminded her to have faith in herself.

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6. She has won several awards. Although best known for her work on Once Upon a Time, Parrilla has seen great critical success and popularity throughout her career. Her convincing and charismatic portrayals of a wide variety of characters have garnered her praise from critics.

3. She has a special tattoo. Parrilla highlighted on Twitter that she has a simple and elegant tattoo of a feather on her wrist. The story behind this tattoo, however, is far from mundane.

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She married her boyfriend Fred Di Blasio in 2014 after the two became engaged in Israel the year prior. Di Blasio is a software executive. Through this marriage, Parrillas family has grown to include Di Blasios sons Matt, Jack, and Patrick.

She was also nominated for a Saturn Award. 5. She is happily married Knowing the loss that Parrilla suffered in her youth, it is heartwarming to know that she has found someone to love and care for her.

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